Life and death, the eternal cycle of evanescence as a basis for something new, is a taboo in many societies. However, there are ethnic groups to which death has been and still is a constant and natural part of life and their everyday life for generations. In its current project, the IFICAH Foundation is dedicated to six of these ethnic groups in Asia, from East India to Indonesia to the Philippines and Taiwan. Common to all groups is the association with the ethnicity of the so-called headhunters and therefore their direct and social bond of taking and giving. [...]

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Stahl und Zauber – Klingen des Malaiischen Archipels – Sonderausstellung

Zu Ehren der 75-jährigen Unabhängigkeit Indonesiens findet ab dem 01. Dezember 2019 im Deutschen Klingenmuseum in Kooperation mit IFICAH die bisher wichtigste und qualitativ hochwertigste Ausstellung “Stahl und Zauber“ über Klingen des malaiischen Archipels statt. „Dabei präsentiert das Klingenmuseum nicht nur die eigene Sammlung: Durch gute Beziehungen zur IFICAH (International Foundation for Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage) und zu bedeutenden Privatsammlern konnte auf eine Auswahl von einigen tausend Klingen höchster Qualität zurückgegriffen werden, von denen weit über hundert in der Ausstellung zu sehen sind. Eingerahmt werden die Stücke von weiteren Artefakten, fotografischem Material und erklärenden Videos.“ Ausstellungsbeginn: 30.12.2019 Ausstellungsende: [...]

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Noblesse Oblige // Adel Verpflichtet

The Samurai. A social class of the historical Japan especially glorified by Hollywood. The IFICAH Foundation presents an exhibition in its Museum for Asian Culture, which will, based on the presented objects, show the Samurai from an unknown perspective for most of the visitors. The myth of the strong warrior is being extended with insights into the Japanese culture which would have not developed in these characteristics without the influence of the nobility at that time. Die Samurai. Eine vor allem auch durch Hollywood verklärte Gesellschaftsschicht im historischen Japan. Die Stiftung IFICAH präsentiert in ihrem Museum für Asiatische [...]

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The Clan watching over my shoulder//Die Verwandtschaft im Nacken

From February to October 2018, the IFICAH museum will introduce you to the ancestor cult and sword art of the Batak in North Sumatra. We have titled the exhibition „The clan watching over my shoulder“. Come in and impress yourself with the art of the Batak. //Von Februar bis Oktober 2018 können Sie im IFICAH Museum für Asiatische Kultur den Ahnenkult und die Klingenkunst der Batak auf Nord-Sumatra kennenlernen. Wir haben die Ausstellung mit „Die Verwandtschaft im Nacken“ betitelt. Kommen Sie vorbei und lassen Sie sich von der Kunst der Batak beeindrucken! [...]

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Joy of Silence//Schönheit der Stille

The aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony//Die Ästhetik der japanischen Teezeremonie Duration: until the end of September 2017 As early as the 4th century, Chinese Taoists were already using the leaves of the tea plant for the ceremonial preparation of beverages in their search for immortality. In the year 801, a Japanese monk brought tea seeds from China, which were then sown south of Kyoto. From the year 1191, Eisai the monk, who passed on the refined tea-making traditions of the Sung farm, was responsible for spreading throughout Japan the idea of refining the [...]

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Gods and the Forge//Götter-Schmiede

Balinese Ceremonial Blades in a Cultural Context//Balinesische Zeremonialklingen im kulturellen Kontext Duration: Until mid November 2016 Summer 2015. Ketut, a native of Bali, picks me up on an ancient motorcycle. With our feet clad in nothing more resilient than sandals, we ride along streets barely worthy of the name to the hinterland. We meet people from different generations who live in impoverished conditions by western standards and who welcome the „giants from the West“ with typical Balinese warmth. Ketut introduces me to some of them, including his father. We drink very strong, sweet coffee and wait for the [...]

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