IFICAH Funding Sale – Indonesian Swords and Daggers

Download the Catalogue Indonesian Swords and Daggers The Auction starts Friday, 13th of December 2019 at 2.00 pm (lots 1 – 498) Exhibition From Monday the 9th to Thursday the 12th From 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm Piazza Vittorio Veneto 17 Sarzana (La Spezia) Italy Fax: +39 0187 692703 email: info@czernys.com Click HERE to go to the official website of CZERNY'S Auction

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Dirk Douglas and his love for Japanese tea ceramics // Dirk Douglas und seine Liebe zur Japanischen Teekeramik

Ruth and my interests concentrated very early on the magnificent and varied Japanese art forms. We loved most of the Japanese art forms, to include the exquisite lacquer objects such as Inro; had a great interest in Netsuke and Katagami, and simply fell in love with Japanese pottery very early in our collection efforts. We stayed away from two major art forms: woodblock prints because a friend of ours was a major dealer; and weapons because they did not appeal to us. Through our collecting, we met most of the major dealers in Japanese Art. One Gentleman stood out and impressed [...]

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The Art of Kanshitsu

"If you look up the word kanshitsu what you will find is dry lacquer technique. I’ve always quite disliked that translation. It makes it sound so uninteresting and, well, rather dry. It hardly, if at all, gives you any sort of indication of what makes the technique so special. A more appropriate translation would be forming technique or infinite possibilities technique. I suppose neither of those rolls off the tongue either, but they at least paint a better picture of what kanshitsu really is. Kanshitsu is a technique that has actually been around for a very long time. If we [...]

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How does Urushi feel?

"Feelings are something that we all have, something that we can all relate to. They are inseparable from the human condition. But where do they come from? Why do some of us feel stronger feelings towards certain things more than others? Feelings are powerful. They’ve guided us and inspired us since the beginning. The expression of feeling can be as abstract as the feelings themselves. From poetry to dance to music to art, all in a way to decipher our inner selves in hopes that some, even if only a few, can relate to us. Sometimes I wonder if [...]

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Hugh Hung on his urushi study trip to Japan

More than a sensei. More than a studio. "Artists and craftspeople alike often feel some sort of deep connection with the materials with which they create. There are certain materials that can inspire us to think about more than just ourselves. The way grain in a piece of wood flows in and out creating the most magnificent and unexpected patterns. The way ceramics can have those rich, beautiful colors from the intensity of fire dancing through a kiln. They provide both makers and their users with a lifetime of fascination and discovery. I can’t remember when I first came [...]

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Introducing Hugh Hung

''Hi! My name is Hugh and I am a Taiwanese-American currently studying urushi in Japan with artist Nagatoshi Onishi. My background is in fine furniture and prior to coming to Japan I studied at The Krenov School in California. My good friend and mentor Joe Amaral opened up the world of urushi to me and I fell in love ever since. Joe specializes in stunning decorative surfaces, but my personal interest has always been more in form. Choosing to study with Onishi sensei was about more than just learning urushi techniques. I was seeking his guidance to help [...]

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Seerp Visser, Belgium

Seerp Visser was born in 1943 and educated in mechanical engineering (Ing, MsC). From 1964 - 1990 he worked for major petrochemical oil companies as Aramco Saudi Arabia and Shell and also for his own company, which later extended to the "Piscator" group of companies, as an engineer. From 1990 he educated as a blacksmith and was employed by the Belgian blacksmith Idir Mecibah for a couple years. Then he became a teacher for blacksmithing at the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp. He is now a blacksmith specialized for the restoration of metal objects and studies the forging methods [...]

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Visit to the Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Surakarta 2017 // Besuch des Institut Seni Indonesia, Surakarta 2017

The Institute ISI is the only school in Indonesia where the production of Keris is taught. Dietrich Drescher has also forged blades in their own forge once before. During a guided tour, we had an insight into the different areas of the institute where different arts and design can be studied. The university exists since 53 years and teaches in addition to graphic design, photography and theater the World Culture Heritage listed art forms such as the batik art, the art of the shadow theater and the gamelan playing. In the university, we met empu "Rumpun Ilmu" who has also [...]

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