Seerp Visser was born in 1943 and educated in mechanical engineering (Ing, MsC).

From 1964 – 1990 he worked for major petrochemical oil companies as Aramco Saudi Arabia and Shell and also for his own company, which later extended to the „Piscator“ group of companies, as an engineer.

From 1990 he educated as a blacksmith and was employed by the Belgian blacksmith Idir Mecibah for a couple years.

Then he became a teacher for blacksmithing at the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp.

He is now a blacksmith specialized for the restoration of metal objects and studies the forging methods of the Indonesian Keris.

“Visiting IFICAH

In April my wife and I visited the Dajak exhibition at IFICAH. As part of my study of the forging of the Indonesian keris, the culture of other tribes in the Indonesian archipel and the way they forge their weapons has my interest. 

My wife and I were both surprised by the personal and professional guidance at the exhibition. 

Our guide Günther showed us around and pointed out some very interesting details of the culture of the Dajaks which were new to us. He is very passionate about the collection and we learned a lot. We enjoyed our visit and the warm welcome!“

– Written by Seerp Visser