“Hi! My name is Hugh and I am a Taiwanese-American currently studying urushi in Japan with artist Nagatoshi Onishi. My background is in fine furniture and prior to coming to Japan I studied at The Krenov School in California. My good friend and mentor Joe Amaral opened up the world of urushi to me and I fell in love ever since. Joe specializes in stunning decorative surfaces, but my personal interest has always been more in form. Choosing to study with Onishi sensei was about more than just learning urushi techniques. I was seeking his guidance to help me find more meaning in my work. I wanted the time to search inward and to learn how to interpret some of my deeper feelings into form. Urushi has a profound beauty and allure to me. As a material, it has deep roots and meaning in our culture and society. More than I will ever understand in a lifetime and that is exciting!“
IFICAH will be in close contact with Hugh during his 3-month study trip to Japan. He will let you look over his shoulder while he delves into the different techniques of urushi with his teacher Nagatoshi Onishi.
It is an honor for us to extravert his feelings, thoughts, and new experiences about urushi.