The historical and spiritual meaning of headhunting in Asia

The exhibition is dedicated to the subject of “head-hunting. Head-hunting refers to the killing of a person with the intention of taking his head. Head-hunting is an ancient tradition which was earlier practised widely in almost all of Asia and Europe. For the pre-Christian and pre-Roman peoples of Europe (Celts, Teutons, Scythians, Italics/Ligurians, Iberians, etc.) headhunting has been widely testified and proven to have existed, both by classical authors and archaeology. In some parts of the world, such as some areas of Southeast Asia, Africa, New Guinea and Latin America, headhunting has persisted for a very long [...]

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Life and death, the eternal cycle of evanescence as a basis for something new, is a taboo in many societies. However, there are ethnic groups to which death has been and still is a constant and natural part of life and their everyday life for generations. In its current project, the IFICAH Foundation is dedicated to six of these ethnic groups in Asia, from East India to Indonesia to the Philippines and Taiwan. Common to all groups is the association with the ethnicity of the so-called headhunters and therefore their direct and social bond of taking and giving. [...]

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The Art of Kanshitsu

"If you look up the word kanshitsu what you will find is dry lacquer technique. I’ve always quite disliked that translation. It makes it sound so uninteresting and, well, rather dry. It hardly, if at all, gives you any sort of indication of what makes the technique so special. A more appropriate translation would be forming technique or infinite possibilities technique. I suppose neither of those rolls off the tongue either, but they at least paint a better picture of what kanshitsu really is. Kanshitsu is a technique that has actually been around for a very long time. If we [...]

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How does Urushi feel?

"Feelings are something that we all have, something that we can all relate to. They are inseparable from the human condition. But where do they come from? Why do some of us feel stronger feelings towards certain things more than others? Feelings are powerful. They’ve guided us and inspired us since the beginning. The expression of feeling can be as abstract as the feelings themselves. From poetry to dance to music to art, all in a way to decipher our inner selves in hopes that some, even if only a few, can relate to us. Sometimes I wonder if [...]

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Hugh Hung on his urushi study trip to Japan

More than a sensei. More than a studio. "Artists and craftspeople alike often feel some sort of deep connection with the materials with which they create. There are certain materials that can inspire us to think about more than just ourselves. The way grain in a piece of wood flows in and out creating the most magnificent and unexpected patterns. The way ceramics can have those rich, beautiful colors from the intensity of fire dancing through a kiln. They provide both makers and their users with a lifetime of fascination and discovery. I can’t remember when I first came [...]

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